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Need Whole Home Repiping Services?

If you currently have steel or polybutylene pipes in your home, it’s only a matter of time before you need a repipe service. Galvanized steel pipes rust and corrode quickly, so (if you haven’t already) you could be in danger of having a pipe burst! Steel pipes also clog quickly, affecting the water pressure across your home. Finally, galvanized steel pipes are usually found in older homes, so they are already somewhat old themselves, and are bound to fail you soon.

Polybutylene pipes have their own set of problems. Namely, they are made out of a plastic resin that was used many years ago, and disintegrate or decompose over time. When this happens, it will mean disaster for your home and property.

Copper and PEX- What’s the Difference?

Copper and PEX pipes each have their own advantages. Choosing what kind of piping is best for your home comes down to your personal preference. Here is a brief comparison of the strengths of copper pipes versus PEX pipes:

Copper Pipes

  • Are lightweight
  • Are recyclable
  • Can be installed easily without the use of dangerous chemicals
  • Hold up better against colder temperatures
  • Are long lasting
  • Are permitted by most plumbing codes
  • Resist corrosion
  • Can be used for both hot and cold water lines, as well as drain-waste-vent lines

PEX Pipes

  • Are more environmentally friendly than other plastic pipes
  • Are recyclable
  • Are flexible and easily installed
  • Are less likely to leak than other kinds of pipes
  • Are long lasting
  • Require fewer fittings than other types of pipes
  • Are considered a more affordable option

Still not sure what kind of pipes you’d like to have installed? Don’t fret! Total Comfort offers free estimates on all our services, so our highly trained plumbing contractors would be glad to talk with you and help you decide on the right choice for you!

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