You likely spend more time in your Fredericksburg, VA, home than anywhere else. Unfortunately, the typical home’s air is two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. Indoor air pollution comes from a variety of everyday products and activities, including these three common indoor air pollutants.

Volatile Organic Compounds

If you’ve ever bought a new car and noticed that “new car” smell, what you’re smelling is volatile organic compounds. They’re embedded in the fire retardants, stain protection coatings, wood sealants and plastics in many consumer goods. In your home, new furniture or plastic items off-gas volatile organic compounds. New carpets, dry-cleaned clothing, plastic toys and accessories, paints, adhesives and glues also release them.


Smoke is another common indoor air pollutant. Tobacco smoke is well-known as a source of pollution, explains the Environmental Protection Agency. The smoke from a fireplace, wood stove, cooking oil, broiler, gas cooktop or candle also pollutes your home’s air. Smoke from an outdoor bonfire, burning leaves or barbecue grill could also make its way into your home. Increase ventilation and keep grills or bonfires well away from doors and windows.

Personal, Household and Automotive Chemicals

Some of the personal care, cleaning or maintenance products you use every day could be affecting your home’s indoor air quality. Hygiene items including aerosol deodorants and perfumes, shaving cream and sunscreen release pollutants into your home’s air. Household cleaning products, such as ammonia, bleach and toilet bowl cleaner also release chemicals. If you have stored tanks of gasoline for your lawnmower or propane for your gas grill, the containers may have a slow leak. Stored automotive fluids, paint and paint stripper in your attached garage could affect indoor air quality. Pesticides, including mothballs, are also sources of household air pollution.

To learn more about the indoor air pollutants that could be in your Fredericksburg home, check out our indoor air quality services, or call Total Comfort today for additional details.

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