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Invest in your home and save on your energy costs! Call 540-368-6174 for fast professional heat pump installation and repair services from Total Comfort.

The heat pump in your Fredericksburg, VA home is critical for helping you stay comfortable indoors. When you begin experiencing issues which are causing your system to work less efficiently, or to break down altogether, then it’s time to call Total Comfort for professional heat pump installation and repair services. Our technicians work quickly and can resolve your issues with a focus on quality solutions and customer satisfaction, so call us today and find out about how we can help.

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How do Heat Pump Systems Work?

Heat pump systems work by transferring air from one area to another, so in the case of your home they would pull air from inside your home and pump it outside, and vice-versa.

In the summertime, your heat pump system would remove hot air from inside your home and pump it outside, and can pull warm air from outside to heat your home during the winter months. This “heat exchange” system is incredibly energy efficient since it takes more energy to heat or cool existing air than it does to push and pull air from one area to another, making it a great option for homeowners interested in reducing their monthly energy costs.


Is a Heat Pump System Right for You?

Many homeowners are still not familiar with the benefits of these systems, and whether or not they would be an appropriate choice for their families. Our technicians are always happy to explain your options, but how can you tell if a heat pump system is right for you? Take a look and then give us a call for professional heat pump installation services:

  • You want to be energy efficient. If one of your goals is to reduce your ecological footprint and reduce your monthly energy costs, then this may be the right choice for you.
  • You want less mechanical equipment in your home. Having fewer mechanical parts means fewer repairs, and means that you have more space in your home.
  • Long lifespans. Heat pumps last a long time because they need less maintenance and repairs to operate.

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