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Time is money when you operate a business; the longer your HVAC system is down, the more money your company stands to lose. When your system breaks, call the professionals at Total Comfort to get it running again.

What Sets Commercial HVAC Work Apart?

Commercial HVAC repair is significantly different from residential work. Commercial units tend to be bigger than residential ones (even for a small business) and the ductwork is also longer and more complex. This is because a business requires more space for employees and products.

Additionally, commercial HVAC systems have different needs. While a small office like a dental practice might have a residential-style HVAC system, it likely needs special indoor air quality solutions like air purifiers or UV lights to keep the air clean.

Our team is knowledgeable about your unique needs and can focus on your specific HVAC problems.

Work with Professional HVAC Contractors

The significant differences between commercial and residential HVAC systems show why you need to work with a commercial HVAC company who know what they are doing. At Total Comfort, we regularly train and retrain our technicians so they know how to handle the latest models and solve common problems in commercial work. If one of our team members gets called out to a commercial location, they will be ready.

As part of the business community in Fredericksburg, we know how important it is to stand out and bring in customers. We work hard so your HVAC can perform at its best for your business.

Limit Disruption to Your Business

At Total Comfort, our technicians know how to repair commercial systems without disrupting the workplace. We can arrive early or late in the afternoon during your slow hours and will try to minimize noise and dirt so your customers aren’t disturbed. Let us know how we can work around your business to minimize disruption to your operations.

When your HVAC system breaks, your employees work less and your customers don’t want to stay at your business for very long. Call the right team to get your air conditioning or heating system working again.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you need a commercial HVAC contractor to repair or service your units, contact the team at Total Comfort. We can work around your needs to get your system operating again so you can focus on running your business. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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