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Most homes have a traditional HVAC system where air is pushed through a series of ducts; however, some homes (and even some rooms within homes) rely on ductless AC to stay cool. Find out whether this system is right for your home and how to maintain it.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless AC isn’t dependent on a series of air ducts to push air into a room. The ductless system is instead mounted on the wall and pushes air over cold evaporator coils, while dumping hot air outside. Sometimes ductless AC is called ductless mini-splits, but they mean the same thing.

While a single ductless AC unit might not be enough to cool an entire home, you may see multiple units spread across a house in different rooms.

Why Would You Use Ductless AC?

There are many instances where a homeowner would choose a ductless option over a traditional HVAC system. Ductless AC is commonly used in spaces where people in individual rooms need to control the temperature (like in a hotel or office). Ductless AC can also be used for home extensions or in historic homes that were built without AC. In both of these cases, it is easier and more affordable to add a ductless option instead of building ductwork or connecting ducts to the existing system.

Finally, ductless systems can be used for rooms that don’t get enough AC or heating because the main unit is too far away.

Examples of Rooms with Ductless AC

If you aren’t sure where you should install your ductless system, consider these examples of homeowners who have used this cooling option as an alternative to the traditional model:

  • A homeowner turned a garage or attic into another finished room in the house.
  • Someone built an add-on to the house and couldn’t connect it to the existing HVAC system.
  • A homeowner built a detached guesthouse and only needed to cool one room.

As you can see from these examples, the spaces are either too small to support a full HVAC system, or the homeowners are unable to cool a room with the existing ducts. This makes ductless AC a great choice when you’re in a bind.

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