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Your HVAC system controls more than just your home’s temperature. It also keeps the air clean and reduces humidity levels so you feel comfortable. Learn about the effects of indoor air quality in your home and how you can improve it.

What Are the Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

There are many sources of poor indoor air quality, some of which are in your control. Dust can worsen allergies and exacerbate conditions like asthma. It can easily be controlled through cleaning and humidity management. Conversely, pollen and smoke from controlled burns or nearby wildfires can also negatively impact air quality and can be harder to manage.

In order to improve indoor air quality, our service technicians will apply some air quality solutions (like filters or air purifiers) but also try to limit the source of the problem. For example, reductions in pet dander or indoor smoke can clean the air without adding stress to your HVAC system.





What Are Some Top Indoor Air Quality Solutions?

Every home has its own unique indoor air quality needs. While one house has high humidity levels, a house in a different region might have high pollen counts or dust. Our job is to connect your problems with indoor air quality solutions. Here are a few common tools we use:

  • Air cleaners: These tools filter the air and remove particles like dust and biological growth.
  • Air purifiers: These machines emit ions and heat to kill pathogens that cause allergies.
  • Air humidifier: This machine adds humidity to a room and is common in dry areas.
  • Air dehumidifier: This tool is the opposite of a humidifier. It removes moisture to make a room drier.
  • UV light: This will sterilize the air from within the air duct, killing bacteria that passes through.
  • Ventilators: This option makes sure the air pushed through the home from the outdoors is clean.

Call Us for an Indoor Air Quality Check

If you think your indoor air could be negatively impacting your health, don’t wait for serious symptoms to arise. Schedule an appointment today so we can take steps in the right direction. Call Total Comfort today and we will send someone out as soon as we can. Our service area includes Stafford, Spotsylvania, Ruther Glen, Fredericksburg, King George, Locust Grove, Lignum, Sumerduck, Culpeper, VA and the surrounding areas.


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