How is the indoor air quality in your home? If you’re like most people, you simply don’t know. That’s because air quality problems are often difficult to identify until the pollution becomes severe enough to cause serious issues. Needless to say, waiting until your Fredericksburg home reaches that point is a very risky proposition. Instead, schedule a professional indoor air quality inspection today to enjoy the benefits that come with proactive air quality care.

It’s Essential to Your Health

You don’t have to live in a large, industrialized city to be affected by air pollution. In fact, the air inside the typical home is far more polluted than outdoor air in most cities. Even in Northern Virginia, poor indoor air quality plagues a surprising number of homes and businesses. This kind of air pollution can cause or exacerbate many health problems, making it essential to catch IAQ issues early.

It Improves Your Comfort

Simply put, a polluted home is an uncomfortable home. Unpleasant odors, excessive dust, stale air and minor health effects are all common when air quality is poor. Some pollutants can also affect your mood, cause poor sleep and affect your concentration. Humidity is another important component of air quality that can impact your comfort. Too much humidity leaves you sticky and overheated. Too little may dry out your eyes, nose and skin. An air quality inspection captures all of these factors to provide a comprehensive overview of your home.

It’s Good for Your HVAC System

When your air quality is poor, your HVAC system is often one of the first things to suffer the effects. Air filters and vents become clogged, air handlers and heat exchangers become less efficient and key components experience accelerated wear. Poor humidity control can make the problem even worse, forcing your system to work harder to keep you comfortable. Monitoring your air quality provides another layer of protection against unnecessary wear and costly equipment breakdowns.

Living in a home with poor air quality just isn’t worth the risk. An indoor air quality inspection is the best protection against poor health, uncomfortable conditions and other complications. To learn more, check out Total Comfort’s indoor air quality services or call today.

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