When there’s a problem with your Fredericksburg, VA, home’s heating system, it’s tempting to try a DIY fix. Perhaps you’re handy with other home repairs, or maybe you want to save money on a service call fee. However, attempting a DIY heating repair could endanger yourself, family, home and wallet. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you shouldn’t try a DIY furnace repair.

Risk of Bodily Injury

Heating systems use high-voltage electricity. Gas furnaces use natural gas or propane and a flame. Heat pumps have a chemical refrigerant. If you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s a big risk of bodily injury when attempting a DIY heating system repair. Heating technicians use proper safety equipment and procedures when making repairs. Some maintenance tasks you can safely do for your heating system include changing the air filter and cleaning the condensate line.

Worse Heating System Damage

Heat pump and furnace repairs require special tools. These aren’t ordinary tools that most homeowners have in their toolbox. Effective repairs also require years of training. Attempting a DIY repair could cause worse damage to your heating system. What might have been a quick, minor repair could end up being a costly, major one if you make a mistake. If your DIY attempt causes serious damage, you might even need to replace the heating system.

Home Safety Problems

The gas lines that supply your furnace with fuel should only be worked on by licensed, trained technicians. Loosening the wrong connection or not replacing a part the right way could allow poisonous carbon monoxide gas to seep into your home, explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A DIY repair on your gas furnace could also result in an explosion. It’s safer for your home and family to hire a skilled technician to do your heating repairs.

For more information about why you shouldn’t do your own heating repair, take a look at Total Comfort’s furnace repair services, or call us today.

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