Does the arrival of your heating bill in the wintertime send shivers down your spine? There’s no getting around it. As the mercury drops in the Fredericksburg area, our energy costs go up and up. A lot of homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their heating bills, so we prepared a few tips that will be very helpful.


Are your windows helping or hurting?

If you have older windows that aren’t as energy-efficient as new modern ones, you’re probably losing a good deal of heat through them and allowing some cold air in.

applying-window-filmStart by improving the seal around your windows. Even the tiniest of gaps between the window and frame can result in a cold draft when the wind blows. Applying a bead of removable caulk along the seam will put a stop to those drafts.

You can reduce the amount of heat loss through your window panes by applying tinted plastic film to them. Film of this sort also helps to keep the house cooler during the summertime, so it reduces your energy consumption year-round.

Well-insulated windows can be a source of warmth in the winter if you allow as much sun to come through them as possible. The sun’s rays will help to heat the air in your home, so we suggest keeping your curtains and blinds open, particularly on windows that face south.

Keep Your Chimney Flue Closed

Chimneys are notorious for heat loss. In many homes, chimneys are left open, allowing heated air to rise through the chimney and escape into the outside.

If chimneydraftyou make sure to keep your chimney flue closed whenever the fireplace is not in use, you’ll be going a long way to reducing much of that heat loss.

Alternatively, you can install an inflatable chimney balloon to block the flow of air. Just don’t forget to remove the balloon or open the flue before you use the fireplace.

Check the Thresholds of Exterior Doors

Good weather stripping around exterior doors is critical in preventing drafts. If any of the weather stripping gets damaged or worn, it should be replaced. If you experience drafts coming through the bottom of your doors, you can adjust the height of your threshold.

There are four screws hidden under plastic caps along the threshold. Remove the caps with a putty knife and turn the screws clockwise to raise the threshold until you have a tight seal along the bottom of the door.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

ceilingfanCeiling fans have a reverse setting that makes the blades turn clockwise for use in the winter. This setting forces hot air up to the ceiling, naturally pushing it back down along the walls towards the floor. This results in a more even distribution of heat throughout your home.

Get Your Furnace Professionally Tuned Up

We recommend getting the furnace inspected and maintained annually to all of our clients.

Regular fall service visits from a trained professional will ensure that your furnace is running safely and efficiently so that you get worry-free warmth for your family for the entire winter. Not only will the technician inspect, test, and adjust your furnace, it’s also a good opportunity to detect trouble spots early and prevent future breakdown.

If you implement these easy tips, we are sure you can achieve some pretty substantial savings in your energy bills this winter.

For more information or to book a maintenance appointment in Fredericksburg, VA with one of Total Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning’s leading experts, call 540-373-9780.

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