Skimping on preventive maintenance in Fredericksburg, Virginia is a risky business. It can cost you what you save plus a whole lot more. Here’s why fall maintenance is a smart move that can pay big dividends:

1. Saves You Money

A season of hard work can leave your heater with a coating of grunge that reduces airflow and restricts energy efficiency. Maintenance includes a careful equipment cleaning, and clean heaters are more efficient than dirty ones. Heater tune-ups can cut your energy costs by up to 40 percent.

2. Reduces Heating Repairs

Money you spend on heating maintenance will typically be less than what you would pay for heating repair calls. Studies show that annual equipment servicing can reduce heater breakdowns and heating repairs by up to 95 percent. That’s because your technician can resolve problems now to prevent breakdowns later.

3. Keeps Your Home Comfortable

Weak airflow, short-cycling, hot and cold spots and inconsistent heating compromise indoor comfort. Fortunately, these issues are all addressed during a maintenance visit.

4. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Gunk that accumulates on a dirty heater can blow into your living space and contaminate indoor air. Dirty air can make even healthy members of your family feel sick.

5. Extends HVAC Equipment Service Life

Dirty heaters overwork to push air through a clogged system. The ongoing stress weakens your heater and shortens its lifespan. Systems that are properly serviced have longer lifespans and require fewer heating replacements than neglected systems.

6. Keeps Your Family Safe

Heaters can develop electrical issues that create fire hazards. Furnaces in particular need annual checkups to rule out carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

At Total Comfort, our money-saving maintenance visits keep indoor comfort high and heating costs low. Call us at (540) 413-0982 to learn more about our maintenance services. One of our technicians will answer your questions and set up an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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