Although summer is over, this doesn’t mean that the fun is over. If you skipped the big home projects in summer, fall is an ideal time to make these changes.

Moreover, you could prevent damage from winter storms. As a homeowner, it can be intimidating to think about these tasks.

The good news is that you can complete most of them on your own without much experience. For plumbing jobs that need an expert, you can find a professional plumber within your budget. The following is a homeowner’s checklist for this fall.

Outside Your Home

outdoor family · Check The Exterior Drainage

The drainage is important as it ensures rainwater flows away from the house. If you notice that your home has water that stands for more than a day, check to see if you need cleaning.

Also, check to see if your gutters have a loose connection or if there’s a bad spout. Alternatively, you can call in the professionals to help raise the pavement.

· Gutters

Your gutters have likely accumulated leaves from spring and summer. Clean them out to ensure that there is a free flow of water.

· Inspect The Roofing

While taking a stroll outside, check to see the condition of your roof. You don’t want a situation where you have missing shingles or a leaking roof during winter.

· Winterize Central Air Conditioner

If you have a central AC, make sure that it’s covered with a plastic sheeting and secured with bungee cords.

Inside Your Home

indoor candles· Prepare Your Heating System For Winter

Is your heating system fully functional? Check to see if the vents are open and not blocked.

Have your furnace inspected. Look out for leaks in doors and windows as this could be a huge expense.

· Reverse The Ceiling Fans

After you turn on your heat, use the reverse switch on your ceiling fan to run the fan’s blades in a clockwise direction. This comes in handy if you have rooms with high ceilings.

What’s more, you can turn down your thermostat by a degree, contributing to greater energy savings.

· Get a Chimney Sweep

Make sure that your fireplace, vents, and chimney are clean and in good condition before you burn the log. This prevents carbon monoxide penetration as well as chimney fires. You can get a sweep certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Specialized Services

duct cleaningGetting your heating systems inspected is important. Have your heating system inspected to check for any potential problems and to be sure that the unit is clean and in good working condition.

Technicians also check to see if the unit is manufacturer-rated efficient. Acting soon will minimize the chance of getting multiple repairs during the cold season.

A professional HVAC contractor In Fredericksburg, VA can also check to see if your home is energy efficient. This is done by carrying out an energy audit. In case of any problems, the technician may recommend upgrading to Energy Star appliances or adding more insulation to prevent heat loss.

Although this list is extensive, it’s not a complete list of all the tasks you can do at home. If not sure, contact a plumbing professional to learn more about what you can include in your to-do list for this fall.


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