Ductless AC can keep your Fredericksburg, VA, home more comfortable for less money. In addition to keeping you cool, this innovative cooling technology will also enhance your indoor air quality. Read on to learn more about whether a ductless air conditioner is a better cooling system for your home.

Cost Savings

According to Energy Star, ductwork leaks are present in most homes. Up to 30 percent of cooled air escapes through these leaks every day. Mini-split AC systems don’t require ductwork to be installed. You’ll start saving money immediately, and your new system won’t have to work overtime to make up for lost air.

Many ductless air conditioners have variable-speed blowers. The fan runs at high speed while the system powers up. It then runs at low speed to maintain the thermostat setting. More energy is required to cycle on and off than to maintain a consistent temperature. That saves you money, too.

Custom Comfort

Ductless systems are zoned systems. Indoor units deliver cool air to individual rooms. Each unit has its own remote thermostat, and the area it cools can be maintained at any temperature. Unlike central air conditioners, mini-splits deliver cool air only where you need it. You’ll save money when you no longer have to cool the whole house just to chill in one room. Because the blower runs steadily, you’ll have low humidity, too.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Ductwork is notorious for harboring airborne contaminants like dust mites, bacteria, insect droppings, pet dander and viruses. Getting rid of ductwork solves that problem immediately. The blower runs steadily, so indoor air is always circulating through the filter. The more filtration, the less pollution.

Central air conditioners can take days to install. Ductless AC can be installed in a day or two. The team at Total Comfort has the talent and technical expertise to do the job right. Schedule a free mini-split AC consultation to learn more.

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