It’s summertime—and it’s a hot one. Have you been relaxing in the chilled relief of your air conditioner? If you’re like many of us in the Fredericksburg area, then you’re shouting an emphatic YES! After all, without AC we’d end up being sweaty and well, cranky all summer long.

So, it makes sense that the upcoming weeks are dedicated to appreciating our cooling systems. In case you didn’t know, the period between July 3 through August 15 has been labeled “Air Conditioning Appreciation Days” and we’re here to celebrate!

Join us as our HVAC service pros share a few surprising benefits of AC, plus some “cool” history (see what we did there?) that may surprise you!

Check Out These Extra Cool Benefits of AC

AC may reduce stress

If you’ve ever been hot and sticky on a steamy day without the chilled relief of air conditioning, you probably ended up cranky and overheated. Overheating can cause agitation from being extremely uncomfortable. Just think about how it feels that first moment you walk into your cool house after a day out in the heat—ahh. You feel great, right? And feeling great helps reduce stress levels.

AC helps boost concentration

When we get overheated, we don’t just sweat physically, we can also get drained mentally. And anything that affects our mental faculties can cause problems with our thinking. According to a Harvard Study, students who had zero air conditioning in their dorms scored much worse on a series of cognitive tests than students who studied with air conditioning. The study showed that being cool and comfortable has a significant effect on our abilities to concentrate and think freely.

AC improves air quality

Air conditioning helps create a healthier indoor space. With decent air filters and proper ventilation your system can filter out dust, pollen, debris, and other pollutants that affect your breathing and trigger respiratory issues. And as you may know, regular filter changing also helps prevent the need for premature AC repair.

It protects electronics

It’s not just people who get overheated when those temperatures soar. Indoor appliances and devices such as laptops, cell phones, microwaves, and refrigerators are just a few electronics that can get compromised in extreme heat. But keeping them in chilled air conditioning ensures they are cool enough to function properly.

And AC helps protect pets, too

Extreme heat can be very harmful to pets. Imagine if you went outside in 90-degree weather wearing a coat! Pets have a harder time than people when it comes to regulating their core temperature. To keep them cool, comfortable, and happy, keep the AC on for them when you leave the house.


It reduces dehydration

According to the National Library of Medicine, we can lose between 3 and 4 liters of sweat (water) per hour in the heat. And this number only increases if you’re exercising. When you turn on your air conditioning you will cool both your surroundings and your body. This in turn will help prevent your body from dehydrating.

More Cool Facts

And now, just because we want to have a little fun, here are six “cool” facts about the history of air conditioning!

  1. Willis Carrier invented the first electrical air conditioning in 1902.
  2. Carrier initially called his invention an “Apparatus for Treating Air.”
  3. Window ledge units hit the market in 1932 but weren’t widely purchased because they were too expensive.
  4. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to have air conditioning in the White House.
  5. Stuart W. Cramer is known for coining the term “air conditioning” during a speech in 1906.
  6. Today, air conditioning can be found in nearly 100 million American homes, representing 87 percent of all households.

Total Comfort Keeps You Cool

Don’t sweat it out this summer! Celebrate air conditioning appreciation days with us this season by taking care of your cooling system. As always, if you need HVAC service, we are available seven days a week for AC repair and air conditioning installation when you need to cool down!

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