You know that to keep a car running smoothly requires regular maintenance: oil changes, checking the tire pressure, getting tune-ups and so on.

Your HVAC needs a similar level of care to get reliable performance. Monthly maintenance and yearly tune-ups will ensure that your unit works efficiently and reliably, saving you money on energy bills and repairs, and helping to achieve long system life.

As with a car, there are some maintenance tasks you can perform yourself; others are best left to HVAC professionals who have the certified experience to safely deal with the system’s complexities.

Clear Debris Around Outside Unit

One of the best things you can do yourself is to keep your outdoor unit running freely without impediment to its airflow.

clean-outdoor-acRake leaves and debris away from your condenser unit and trim back branches and foliage at least three feet away.

You can use a hose to clean away any build-up of dirt, spraying through the unit fins from the inside out.

You can also use a wrench or screwdriver to remove the fasteners and lift the cage or fan grill off the unit to clean debris like leaves from the interior by hand or with a vacuum.

You can, as well, clean the evaporator coil with a soft brush and commercially available coil cleaner, and unclog the drain if clogged with algae and mold.

If you feel uncomfortable doing any of these maintenance procedures, they can be left to your HVAC service professionals.

Check the Air Filter

Eac-filterach month you should check to see if your air filter or screen needs to be cleaned or replaced. Some HVAC systems have indicator lights to tell you when this should be done.

Under normal circumstances, the filter should be replaced once every three months.

It may need more frequent replacing if you have pets, use the HVAC for more than half the year, have a large family, are near a construction site and for other reasons.

Arrange for a Tune-up

Besides your monthly ongoing maintenance, you should also arrange for a yearly tune-up handled by HVAC professionals, such as Total Comfort LLC.

Money invested in an annual maintenance plan can help save you from expensive repairs and ensure the long-term operation of your system – providing you peace of mind.

tune-upAmong the tasks we perform:

  • Check CO levels
  • Calibrate your thermostat
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check for gas leaks and gas pressure
  • Examine the refrigerant charge, condensate drain and fuel-line connections
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clean and adjust the blower
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • And much more!

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