Does that springtime dust and pollen flying through the air throw you into sneezing fits? Does it kick start your asthma or give you itchy eyes? Well, you aren’t alone. Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from allergies of some sort, and the majority of them are related to that yellow cloud of pollen, that spring brings with it.

That’s right, spring allergies. Although it’s so widespread and the symptoms so uncomfortable you are not without defense, and in the paragraphs that follow, we will help you to understand what to expect and what steps you can take to stifle its impact and keep your air quality intact.

The Allergy Symptoms You Can Expect

allergysymptomsChances are you’ve seen them before. Springtime rolls around and every other person you see is sneezing relentlessly, rubbing their itchy eyes red, and coughing and hacking mucus from deep in their lungs.

These are the classic allergy symptoms. It’s hard to watch and even harder to endure. A runny nose, sore throat, headache, and labored breathing are also symptoms of a cold. Naturally, too many people believe a cold is all they are experiencing and tend to treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Additionally, prolonged symptoms can weaken the immune system which can lead to further respiratory and sinus infection. But now that you know what to look for, you won’t be fooled.

Duct Cleaning – Your Saving Grace

homecleaningYou do not have to stand idly by. There is plenty you can do to lessen the impact of springtime allergies and you can do them now before it is too late!

One of the best preventative maintenance practices is to ensure you schedule a regular duct cleaning. By making sure the system is cleaned out, changing your air filters and cleaning all ledges and flooring that can collect dust, you will set yourself up for comfortable success lasting all through the spring.

Doing preventative maintenance like this can save you a fortune in expensive allergy medicine and symptom treatment in the months to come. Not to mention how much more comfortable and clean your home will be.

Why You Should Hire Professional Services

professionalservicesSure, hiring a professional service may cost a little bit extra up front. However, the money you save in the long run makes doing so pay for itself in no time at all. Consider this, a front-end investment in hiring an HVAC professional to tune-up your system will ensure that you have clean, healthy air flowing through your home from the get-go.

Now, if you wait, over time, the filters become inefficient, blowing the previous year’s worth of allergens and dust into your home along with all the particulate lodged in the existing system. This may not seem like a big deal, but actually, prolonged exposure to these harmful and irritating particles can cause serious respiratory and even cardiac problems.

The medical expense to correct these problems quickly outweighs the cost of preventative HVAC maintenance. You also don’t have to deal with the unhealthy and uncomfortable precedent to your medical expenses, and that is invaluable.

The time has come to get ready for the rough spring air and take control of your home before mother nature does. Reach out today to Total Comfort LLC by calling (540) 373-9780. Their knowledgeable employees will work with you to come up with a plan of attack to help make your indoor air quality better than ever!

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