Burst pipes may be your worst nightmare in your Culpeper, VA home, but don’t panic. Schedule an emergency plumbing repair at once. Read on to learn what to do when your pipes burst in your home.

Turn Off the Water

Everyone in the house should know where the main water shutoff valve is located and how to turn off the water. A gate valve should be turned in a clockwise direction until it can no longer be turned. With a ball valve, the lever should be turned clockwise 90 degrees.

Turn Off the Power

Don’t walk through standing water while the power is on. Electrocution could result. Use the indoor breaker or an outside power switch to disconnect the electricity.

Start Removing Water

A Shop-Vac or any wet-dry vacuum can suck up large pools of water. A mop, bucket and rags can be used to sop up the rest. Be sure to dry any hard-to-reach places.

Ventilate the Premises

Open the windows to get air circulating indoors and to help damp air get out. Turn on dehumidifiers and fans. Alternate air conditioning with heat to dry things out and extract moisture from indoor air.

Schedule Water Damage Restoration Services

If the volume of water in your home is extensive, you may need the help of a water damage restoration expert. The company you choose should be on the job within three hours to ensure the best results.

Document the Damages

Call your insurance agent. In most cases, your costs will be covered. However, an adjuster may want to visit your home to assess the damages before cleanup and restoration procedures get underway.

The multi-talented team at Total Comfort Heating, Air & Plumbing can quickly repair or replace any damaged or burst pipes. Visit us online to learn more about our professional Culpeper plumbing services.

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