Should you install a central AC system or a window AC unit? This is a relatively easy question to answer if you carefully weigh the benefits and the drawbacks of each system. Central AC systems will cool your entire home, keep indoor humidity in check and improve your indoor air quality.

A window AC unit, on the other hand, will only keep a single room comfortably cool. Which system you choose will depend on how your home is constructed and how much you can spend on installation and maintenance.

Air conditioning inside your home will not only keep you cool and comfortable, but it will also keep away certain airborne allergens like pollens, dust, and fungi. Additionally, air conditioners may keep the elderly and those with impaired immune deficiencies safe from health issues caused by excessive heat.

Choosing the air conditioning system that is right for your home can be a daunting task. But not if you think about it carefully beforehand. Several factors should be considered before you make your purchase. Both central AC systems and window AC units have advantages and disadvantages. You should consider each one carefully before making the final decision.

Pros And Cons of Central AC

“proscons”Central AC is one of the more popular methods of staying cool inside our homes. If your home already has ductwork and vents in on each room, you are a good candidate for central AC.

Central AC systems are excellent at keeping you comfortable and at monitoring your indoor air quality and humidity. However, there are pros and cons to central AC systems as well:


  • Low monthly bill.
  • Good air filtration.
  • Regulates indoor temperature.
  • Provides heating & cooling.
  • Balances indoor humidity.
  • Thermostat is programmable.


  • Needs ductwork.
  • Needs space outside.
  • Installation cost is expensive.
  • Yearly maintenance is required.

Pros And Cons of Window AC Units

“procon”If you want an easy and quick way to keep cool when it’s hot, a window AC unit is what you are looking for. Window AC units have been around for years.

They are convenient and easy to install. Window AC units are favored by apartment residents who only want a temporary and affordable cooling solution.

Also, if your apartment or house does not already contain ductwork and vents in each room, a window AC unit is the way to go.

Just like central AC, a window AC unit has disadvantages:


  • Inexpensive installation.
  • One-room cooling.
  • They are removable.


  • Low to moderate air filtration.
  • Hot spots in the house.
  • They make noise.

Which AC System is Right For Your Home?

“chooseright”By now you should have a pretty good idea of which system is going to suit your needs. Central AC requires ductwork to operate properly. It also requires yearly maintenance.

Window AC units are inexpensive, provided you have good insulation in your home. Central AC is good for cooling an entire home.

It also monitors your indoor air quality and keeps indoor humidity in check. Window AC units only cool one room and only offers moderate air quality and humidity control.

Either system will keep you cool during the hot summer months. They both work well in different ways. Air conditioning is a major investment. Contact the experts at Total Comfort, LLC in Fredericksburg, VA, and one of their experts will help you choose the right system for your home.

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