Nest Troubleshooting

As with all technology, there will come a time when things don’t go quite as
planned. But don’t panic! For all those troubleshooting issues, we have
solutions. Here we will discuss some of the most common issues our customers
face and tips on how to solve them.

Home/Away Assist Troubleshooting

A common problem with the Home/Away Assist feature is when your thermostat
goes into Away mode even if someone is home. Your thermostat may be in a
low-traffic area, so it may not detect activity using the occupancy sensor.
That’s why the final check on the phone locations on the Nest or Google
account is so important, and you need to make sure everyone in your home is
invited to your account. This allows the thermostat to more accurately adjust
the Home or Away mode.

  • Here’s how to check that it is set up properly in the Nest App:
    • From the main screen, select the settings gear on the top right.
    • Select Home/Away Assist.
    • Select what decides if you’re home.
    • From here, you can verify that you have opted in to allow Nest to use
      your phone location.
  • In some cases, people did not grant permission to the Nest app allowing it
    to check their phone’s location, so this could be causing your issue.
  • Another reason would be that not everyone in your home who has a smartphone
    has been invited to your Nest account and the thermostat is only checking
    your phone location and not that family member’s phone.

    • To invite a family member, use the Google home app:
      • From the main screen, select the + on the top left
      • Select add a person to home
      • Select add a home member
    • That will send an email to that family member with a step-by-step on how
      to be added to the account.

Restarting your Thermostat

With all the advanced features and conveniences that the Nest Learning
Thermostat provides, it is still a piece of technology. So, there could be a
time when you need to restart the thermostat much like you would your phone or
computer when it freezes. There are two ways you can do this.

  • If you are still able to navigate your thermostat, go into your options by
    clicking the outer ring of the thermostat:

    • Then rotate to the settings gear and click the thermostat.
    • Rotate to the Reset option and click the thermostat.
    • Rotate to Restart and click to confirm your selection.
    • This will only restart the thermostat and you will not lose any of your
      information or settings.
  • If the thermostat happens to freeze and you lose the ability to navigate it,
    simply click the outer ring of the thermostat and keep pressing down for 10
    seconds. This will force restart and reboot it.

Still have questions? No problem. Feel free to check out our additional videos
if you need more help:

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